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Filiala Prahova

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Dr Ioan Anghelescu

President of the Prahova Branch

Who we are

WUFR Prahova Branch is member of World Union of Free Romanians , the most prestigious world organization of the Romanians all over the world.

The aim of this organization as it was definite by his founder Ion Ratiu was the battle for freedom and democracy in Romania (Europe).

Now the organization acts in Romania and one of the most important branches as number of members and activity is the "Prahova Branch".

Our members consider that the battle for freedom and democracy will never ends in Romania.

Contact us

You can reach UMRL_Prahova as follows:
Romania Telephone & fax:
president's personal celular
By Mail:
str Stadionului 3
2000 Ploiesti
Judetul Prahova
By e-mail:
- For general contacts:
-          President's personal :

Board and organization

UMRL_Prahova was borne in 1990 in Ploiesti at the initiative of Dr Ioan Anghelescu and his mother Maria Ardeleanu member of a very ancient and respected family of Romanian aristocrats.

In short time in Ploiesti with the help of a lot of personalities known for their anticommunist attitude was founded the "Subsidiary Prahova of WUFR".

In a very short time like a "spot of oil" the Subsidiary made work points in Campina , Comarnic, Sinaia, Azuga, Busteni.

Now the "UMRL Filala Prahova" has 108 members in Ploiesti and "Subfilala Valea Prahovei" which coordinates all "work points" from Comarnic to Azuga, and has 87 members. An independent "work point" is   in Campina with 21 members.

The board of UMRL_Prahova after the 2000 elections is:

Dr Ioan Anghelescu MD,PhD-president

Col(r) Valeriu Bria- vice-president and treasurer

Mr Ponor Caragea Constantin-vice-president, president of "Subfiliala Valea Prahovei"

Mr Verbancu Mircea-vice-president, chief of the "work point" from Campina

Col (r )Ardeleanu Maria-secretary

Ing Visan Constantin

Ing. Leu Delia

Dipl.Marian Hanganu

Ing.Ina Hanganu

Our aims in the future:


Organizing purposes


            Realization of a Cyber space of all free Romanians all over the world. We have the capabilities to do mailing lists and we can use existing devices like "Yahoo Messenger" which permits verbal communications all over the world

           The realization of an Electronic version of the journal "Free Romanian" ( we made already an electronic journal "The Prahova Pediatric News" we invite you to see at:

And mail us your opinions

Political purposes:


            Continuing to activate as a non-party segment of "Democratic Convention of Romania" acting as a mediator between the doctrinaires and action views of the different parties from the Convention


Redefinition our doctrine


           We think that it is the moment to redefine the organization doctrine and we expect from all Romanians to mail us their opinions

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